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The Cure To Imposter Syndrome

Finally Beat Imposter Syndrome!


Do you suffer from imposter syndrome?


You aren’t alone. All freelancers face imposter syndrome at multiple times in their careers.


Why do you feel this way? 


(Maybe You Just Need To Book More Work. Here’s How)


There are a lot of reasons. The problem with imposter syndrome is the symptoms aren’t logical.


You are not an imposter. You have the skills, you know how to do the work, and you have a history of clients happy with your results.


So why do you have imposter syndrome?


I’ll let you in on a secret. You can’t shake the feeling because it isn’t logical.


If you want to know:


1:Why you suffer from imposter syndrome

2:The three common imposter syndrome triggers

3:How you can fix it


Read on.


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The Startling Truth Behind Imposter Syndrome


To understand imposter syndrome you need to understand what causes it.


Hint-It’s your brain.


Your brain craves authority. That’s why you are more comfortable staying at a high stress job than making the same money freelancing.


Don’t believe me? Ask yourself this. Have you justified staying at a job you didn’t like by saying,


‘It’s all I know.’




‘The problem you know is better than the one you don’t.’


Isn’t it startling to see thoughts you felt only you suffered brought out into the open?


Here’s the thing, when you work for a regular job everything is programmed for you.


This is why you end up fighting project creep. Finally beat it, here’s how.


You show up. You work from this time to this time. You do this thing today. You don’t have to do anything but work. The burden of making choices is lifted freeing you from distraction.


Now that we know the culprit behind why you have imposter syndrome, and the reason your brain makes you feel that way, let’s look at the three triggers that cause you to feel like an imposter.


The 3-Imposter Syndrome Triggers


In my experience (both personally and with students) there are three things that trigger imposter syndrome.


Trigger 1:Choice Paralysis


When you work at a job all of your choices are made for you. When you work for yourself you have to make all the choices.


You choose:


*Your schedule

*How much work you do

*When you work

*When to break

*Where you work

*How to dress when you work


A lack of boundaries can be overwhelming. You try to solve this with logic. You lose yourself ing blog posts and books on solutions only to realize there is so much you don’t know that you freak out.

With the solution below you no longer have to freak out.


Trigger 2:Down Time


At your regular job, you had plenty of downtimes. You enjoyed it because you knew at some point you’d be given work.


As a freelancer, you’ll have downtime but instead of enjoying it you get freaked out.


‘I’m not doing anything right now. I’m a failure. I don’t have clients. I don’t have work!



The truth is jobs waste a lot of time. They have to. They have to justify keeping people in a building with little work all day.


To combat these issues jobs fill the days with memos, endless meetings, and useless training. Don’t worry, as you get accustomed to freelancing you’ll realize you can fit an entire day’s labor in two to three hours.


Trigger 3:The Feast And Famine Cycle


With a job you never have to worry where the next project was coming from.


As a freelancer, you are responsible for creating an endless stream of leads. If you don’t have experience with this you’ll see dips in your work.


Never Go Without Work Again. Learn The Exact Method I Use To Write Proposal That Gets You Booked


These periods when you are without work inspires doubt. You feel like you will never get work again.


It’s an awful feeling. You watch your bank account shrink while your inbox sits empty. Your clients don’t respond to your proposals and you worry you’ll go broke.


Emotionally you freak out so you turn to other logical resolutions. You read blogs, books, and suddenly you’ve wasted all day reading about how to drive leads instead of driving them.


You can escape the imposter syndrome cycle by changing how you respond to it. Here’s what I’ve found to work.


How I Overcome Imposter Syndrome


You can enjoy being a freelancer! You can do it without the anxiety, time wasted chasing pointless leads, and taking jobs you don’t work for pay you don’t like.

You can do this using my ‘Habit Mastery’ technique. This technique is based on years of research done on habits. If you want to get deeper into the insights of why it works you should pick up Charles Duhigg’s book on habits. Here


This technique works on two levels. First it cuts out the exposure to the triggers that cause it. Second, it changes your mindset when you do feel it.


What if you aren’t a full-time freelancer? Does this still apply?


Yes! This approach works for both part timers and full-timers.


Here’s What You Do


Open up Google Calendars (or your planners if you are old school paper and pen) and plan out your week.


Get specific. Write the time you plan to start, the time you plan to stop when you plan to have lunch, when you will work, when you will research, when you will pitch, when you will take meetings, and where you plan to do.


That’s it. If it sounds simple…It’s because it is.

Fill that schedule full!


By providing the structure your brain craves you alleviate the need to make decisions in the moment. Controlling your day lifts the burden of uncertainty and cognitively engrains positive habits into your day.


Why This Works:The Power Of Habits


Establishing and following this habit engrains the behavior of being the boss into your mind.


Habits change your story. So change yours.


What about those times when you feel like an imposter anyway?


You won’t. As this habit becomes established the feeling will lessen and eventually go away.




Creating the habit of being an entrepreneur changes the story you tell yourself. You are no longer a freaked out part timer skipping gig to gig hoping that your clients don’t drop you. 


You quite worrying about the day to day and start planning towards bigger goals. You become an entrepreneur.


Re-Cap:Use authority to create order, establish a habit, and tell a better story.


Wonder If The Bad Press About Agencies Is True

Should agencies should be part of your story?

‘No! Everyone says they suck.’

-Most freelancers

Check out my next blog post. In it I cover the pros and cons of working for an agency and lay bare the biggest myths on both sides. You might learn that agencies are right for you!

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Upwork Reject Your Profile? Get Accepted. Here’s How.








Did Upwork Reject Your Profile?


If you are reading this you got the dreaded ‘Rejected Profile’ message from Upwork. 


(Never Get Rejected Again With These Influence Tips)


If you are a new freelancer or new to Upwork in the last six months chances are your profile has been rejected.


Why did Upwork reject your profile?


First, it has nothing to do with you. I know it sucks but you aren’t the problem. It took courage to sit down and put everything together.


Seeing Upwork reject your profile sucks. It cuts into your rich life goals. You are probably thinking,


Upwork rejected my profile because i’m an imposter.


You are not. There are reasons to finding Upwork reject your profile.


What follows are my theories and solutions to why.


Why Upwork Rejected Your Profile

Haunted Hipster Bullshit

Upwork is exploding. New members are flooding the platform.


New members mean:

*Greater strain on the system

*Over saturation of certain skills

*And fake accounts


My guess is Upwork is dealing with this flood of profiles by using bots.


The bots probably review your profile and then filter you through the system. I’m guessing Upwork rejected your profile, along with everyone else, as a gatekeeping system.


‘Upwork rejected my profile. I’m a real person, what’s the deal?’



The bots filter based on controlled data and barriers. I imagine almost everyone who applies get rejected at first.

This is smart. By rejecting people you put a barrier that filters out anyone not interested in going the extra mile. That means that the people getting on Upwork are more involved and more likely to use it.


This is similar to Zappo shoes training. Zappos is famous for offering you a buyout before starting the job. Their reasoning is that they only want the best on their team and will pay to keep it that way.


That’s bullshit.

There’s some Culty nonsense going on here









The truth is Zappo’s does this is so you emotionally value the company.

They want you to think,

‘I turned away $1,000! I must love this job!’

(Create your own cult-like following)

The same thing is at play when Upwork rejects your profile. So how can you get past this? There are a lot of ways. I’m going to share the best method I know to get accepted, a guaranteed way to get started and avoid the secondary methods people are promoting.


Two Ways To Get Your Profile Accepted On Upwork

That feeling when you finally get your Upwork profile accepted.

How do you get your profile accepted by Upwork if you are new to the platform?


Here are two fastest ways I’ve found. The first method takes a little bit of time but puts you in a great position once you get accepted.


The second method requires a different approach and will be harder to pull off if you don’t know the right people.


The ‘Test’ Method To Getting Your Profile Accepted On Upwork


Upwork is swamped with people all wanting to do the same things (mainly writing).


They want to keep the platform from being saturated so they reject profiles.


To get your profile accepted you need to create authority on their site. To do that you should take skills tests and score 100% in as many as you can.


Skills test scores will verify that you are an authority to Upwork and increase the bots chances of recognizing and accepting your profile.


You can either go niche and score in difficult but nuanced tests (PHP, Advanced SEO, etc) or load up twenty easier ones (Grammar, spelling, etc).


This takes time but it also provides great social proof when you are accepted. Imagine being a client and seeing that the person they are hiring has over 20 ‘100%’ ratings for skill tests they took.


The ‘Hired Right Away’ Profile Method


Upwork is automatically accepting profiles that clients hire. If you can find someone with a profile to hire you then Upwork will automatically accept the profile.


‘What if I don’t know someone to hire me?’



This can be hard. You have a couple options. You could start a Upwork business profile and then hire yourself for a cheap project.


I don’t see this as the best option but if you are hungry to start then this will work.


If you want to take a more organic approach pick a couple of FB groups and ask around for people with Upwork business profiles. Offer to do a quick low-cost project in exchange for a hire.


This will get you the first gig, get your profile accepted, and not lose you money!


All this resistance raises a simple question…


Is Upwork Still A Good Option?


You’ve heard people crapping on Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr since day one. You’ve read the blog posts, nodded in agreement everytime someone posts their problems.


So you have to wonder…Is it worth it?


Let me answer with a question.


What’s your goal?


Do you want to freelance to increase your existing income?

Do you want to leave your job?

Do you want to support a new lifestyle?


Knowing what you want makes it easy to decide what’s right for you. Upwork is a great place to get started and build a portfolio.


Upwork is also a great place to create a nice side income. I wouldn’t use it as a sole source of income. And that brings us to the issue at the heart of all of this.


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Book More Clients For Freelancer Writing Jobs:Here’s How

Booking Freelance Writing Jobs Is All About Selling

You ever heard the saying,


‘They could sell snow to Eskimos’

Sell Anything To Anyone With This One Mindset Shift

It calls to mind sleazy guys in cheap suits with slicked back hair pushing crappy cars on old ladies.


We relate selling to sleaze. As a freelancer you shouldn’t! That’s why we are so afraid to sell. We don’t want to be seen in that light.


The problem is this is hurting you booking more clients as a freelancer. Remember the last time a client asked for a price and you felt uncomfortable?


Chances are you either pitched a lower price hoping for a ‘Yes’ or forgot it all together.


We are programmed to not like selling even though we want to book more clients. The truth is people that sell the most aren’t:



*Scamming people


The best salespeople sell the most because they provide massive value to their clients.


“Really? I don’t think I believe that…

-Most Freelancers


This is a principle I used when I ran my coin shop.

When a customer came in I often had the chance to make more money than I did because of their lack of knowledge or experience.


I never took this chance. Instead, I provided value to the customer by giving them a fair price and educating them on what they have and what they can get for it. 

Here’s a testimonial from a freelancer job where I took the time to educate the client on what they needed. They loved the results and it led to me booking more clients later.



Do you want to book more clients for freelancer contracts like this? Check out my proposal writing guide and learn to write proposals that get you contracts and testimonials like this!

Write Proposals That Get You Booked


I would make, on average, 30% less per transaction by being honest. So why do it? Because the people I educated CAME BACK.

Here’s a screenshot of a client where the project started as a ‘one-off’ gig but because of me providing clarity and value up front he became an ongoing and great client.


Don’t you want to book clients like this?

Think what would happen if you booked six clients like this every year. 

That’s $30,000 dollars from only six clients. You can do this by helping clients:


1:Save money
2:Save time
3:Look good


When you provide help beyond what you are paid for you change the relationship and book more clients. Helping makes you more than a provider, you become an advisor.

Great advisers make their client’s see all possible futures.


Advising is the whole purpose behind sales. You want your client to have the best options, choices, and results.


Sales aren’t about closing the deal. Sales are about providing the most value you can to a customer as a freelancer. So how do you book more customers by educating them to perceive the value of the sale?




Why Persuasion Matters And What It Really Is


Persuasion lies in the presentation of information.

Don’t Make Your Presentation Boring!

You ever see the famous agency ad where a guy is hitchhiking? The image appears twice on the page with the only change between the two images is the message on his sign.


On the top, he is holding a sign that says where he wants to go.


On the bottom, the sign says, ‘To get to mom’s for Christmas’.









This ad is brilliant. By juxtaposing one detail the entire story changes.


Remember, persuasion isn’t about fear, anxiety, or goading.


Persuasion is the art of telling stories that guide people to yes.


“Okay big deal. Why’s that matter?”

-Most People


More and more work is moving online every day. The burden lies in convincing people you don’t know that you can help them.


The people that learn to do this will experience massive growth.




We are in the Conversation Economy. 


Client’s needs are growing. Rise to this demand by advising and fulfilling your client’s needs.


If you want to book your schedule full see yourself as an adviser, not a commodity.


You are a specialist in your field.


Clients need your experience, knowledge, and execution skills to get the results they want.  To help them get that you need to start conversations where you guide them to the results they want through persuasion.

Are you guiding your clients?

I’ve taught you how to do that in my Ultimate Guide, my Proposal Guide, and more. Now I am going to teach you how to book my gigs on the phone by guiding the client to yes by being persuasive.


“This sounds hard!”



Here’s the good news! You are an expert in your field. Everything you need to be persuasive…you already know!


How To Be The Most Persuasive Person You Know


Persuasion is the art of using your experience to move people to ‘Yes’. As a freelancer there are three ways to move people to ‘yes.


1:Through Written Communication


Starting out you will get most of your work by sending a proposal and agreeing to a contract with a client. I’ve covered how to do that in great depth in my ‘Proposal Guide’ on the blog. Here


2:In Person-


This is a traditional form of selling. We think of this as a salesperson on a sales floor. In reality the best in person sells happen during networking meetups. We will cover this more in the future.


3:Phone Interviews-


As you grow more work will take place on the phone. Clients want to talk with you. If this terrifies you then stick with me.


I am going to share with you the exact steps you need to take, along with an easy to use template, to master phone calls and persuade more clients to hire you.


‘Wait….I hate phone calls, they freak me out. Is this for me then?’





This is for anyone who has trouble on the phone or is looking to increase their bookings from phone calls.


3 Things That Will Instantly Make You More Persuasive On The Phone


Chances are you hate calling on the phone. You think your voice sounds weird, that the client can tell you’re anxious, or something else entirely.


Those are all stories you tell yourself. And here’s the crazy thing…None of them are true. That’s why you should master this skill!


Freelancers avoid the phone. By mastering it you will stand out and book more work!

You Need To Love The Phone

The key to getting and staying booked is leveraging small details that get big results. Persuasive phone skills are one of those details!


That’s why at the end of this email I have a special offer to help you 10X your phone skills in ONE HOUR. Before we get to that here are three things you can do to 10X your calls in the next 10 minutes.


1:Show Up Prepared:

Clients love it when you show up prepared.

A large part of persuasion is preparation. Preparation makes the person you are talking with comfortable. We make our client comfortable in our proposals by providing social proof (testimonials, project links, etc).

You want to extend this social proof to the phone call.


Do this by researching their company and competition. Find out who they are, who their competition is, and have targeted suggestions for change they can make to get the results they want.


Showing up prepared demonstrates value to the client. This makes the client comfortable and more likely to engage with you.


2:Use Questions Strategically

Ask the right questions

You afraid to ask questions? Do you worry that clients will feel that you don’t know what you are talking about?

Don’t be afraid. Clients want you to ask questions. The key to booking big gigs is knowing what questions to ask.


So what questions do you ask to get booked?


Find out the key things a client wants. Do they want to:


*Increase sales-if they do what have they tried already, why did it not work, etc?

*Get more leads-what do they want to do with their leads, what is working currently, what’s their goal #?

*Increase open rates for emails-What’s the current open rate, what’s the list size, have they segmented, is their content automated, etc?


What if the client doesn’t have these answers? No problem.  You still look smart. Why? Because you ask questions that dig into the information you need to get them results.


Asking the right questions, like the ones I just mentioned, will lead to you booking more gigs on the phone.


3:Give Ideas Freely:

Ideas are currency. Learn why and how to create an infinite supply of them.

Before the call write down 5 ideas the client can use to make their site/message/ads better.


Share them with the client on the phone.


‘Wait what if they steal my ideas and don’t hire me?!”

-Scared Freelancers


This is a huge issue I could build an entire course on.


Don’t let the fear of what might happen keep you from providing value. Remember, ideas cost nothing and provide great value.


When you show up and supply the client with ideas for free you stand out. NO ONE ELSE IS DOING THIS (hopefully all my students are…)


Let’s think of this in context,


You call the client and ask them questions about what they have done to get the results they asked for. They explained what they tried and why they think they can do better.


You already sound smarter than everyone else.


Now you start suggesting things they could do. You tell them two to three different changes they could make to instantly make things better.


Do you think the client is interested? Do you think they are going to hire you?


Of course they are! Clients want value. Money is irrelevant when you supply value. Ideas create value without costing you anything!


Get All My Ideas For Free By Joining My Mailing List!


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Special Offer:The 1-Hour ‘Phone Skills’ Coaching Call


You interested in getting hands on help being better on the phone?


Write me an email with the two biggest things you want to work on while on the phone.


I’ll respond with a few ideas and a link. If you want, you can purchase a call training session and we can resolve your issues and practice real situations you’ll experience on calls.


This won’t be easy. I’ll critique your performance, make targeted suggestions, and arm you with multiple strategies to stand out and get booked!


If you know you are losing gigs because your call game isn’t on point this is for you. To get your link and secure your spot send me an email with the subject line ‘My Call Questions For You’